Computer Coding Evolution

The computer coding evolution is a term that relates to how computer coding has changed the way we live. Computer coding evolution is happening right now and it’s everywhere around us. Technology has really become part of our daily lives, it has made our daily lives easy. From advanced communication, advance surveillance and computers are involved in every operation. And coding is what makes the computer, the most ingenious collection of electronics coded to form one singular device. But yet only 2 in every 10 know how the coding works and making the computer coding evolution possible.

The Beginning

Charles Babbage conceived the idea of his ‘the analytical engine’ when he made a device that could solve any problem by computing that is exactly how it got its name, the computer and telling it what to do became coding. It’s all zeroes and ones coding is what does communication and a computer. In the beginning programmers used to code a program using binary digits zeros and ones. This set of digits are known as binary language, the machine language. So, how does a computer understand our language when its own language is composed of zeros and ones? For computers to better program data scientists came up with the assembly language. Assembly language can be understood by its name, language that can understand our more casual commands we needed a more easy way to use a computer. Enter the graphical user interface that revolutionized the computer usage, using assembly language software engineers made GUIs and High-Level Language and all of these things combined gave us the internet.

The Hard Work Behind Computer Coding Evolution

Making things easier on the internet programmer came up with the PHP. With computer coding evolution we have managed to make our computers more advance, process more advance commands and as the advancement in the computer sciences continued to happen our daily lives became smart, today we carry our own digital boxes that enable us to explore the digital world, from entertainment to news, from social work to economical smartphones are our daily life devices.

The Future

In the future of computer coding evolution you can expect a talking computer but not the one they show in science fiction. Coding has enabled us to jump from complex to smart in a span of just 50 years. Coding saw its phases from zeros and ones to present mankind has seen some serious technological innovation that coding has provided it with. Apart from our computers, It’s in our smart T.V’s, it’s on our mobile phones or should I just say it’s all over us! The evolution of coding is continuously in progress and is changing into data science the field that will solve the biggest problems of humankind.

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