Gaming and Esports

Are you a gamer? Which genre is your favorite? First-person shooter or strategy? Gamers tend to talk a lot about this! But most of us don’t know that With personal computers at home people in the late 70 to early 2000s had gaming consoles. 7 in every 10 children play some sort of video or arcade game either on their personal computer or some gaming console. So how did gaming and esports became a phenomenon? When the gaming companies started to invest in producing games for better experiences using advance and latest technology for their customers or, gamers.

The Revolution

In the ’90s gaming tournaments had just started and people back then didn’t consider gaming as a field or anything at all. It was just entertainment for introverts and nerd students. In a tournament in 1997 Dennis Fong aka “thresher” won the tournament and the highest prize was a brand new Ferrari. This win had turned out into a revolution after a team of reporters published it in the wall street journals and mad Fong a celebrity inspiration for the new gamers, they wanted to take on him, they wanted to play with him and they used to look up to him. Many critics believe that the first-person shooter games are the reason for the gaming to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies like Rockstar, EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sega, Atari and many others spend billions of dollars into making their games ultra-realistic. Many of the gaming companies even use motion capture technology to make their games look a bit more realistic than usual graphics. Gaming and esports have really got their fame from movies as well, movies like Ready Player One tells the story of a boy who finds all the Easter eggs hidden inside a VR game.

Gaming and Esports Fame

According to the report, GTA V received its estimated budget money in the first 24 hours of its release. The $265 million dollars budgeted game received it’s money real quick. How did that happen? It happened because gaming and esports had become a real thing after the introduction of these exciting technologies. With their technologies these companies hire professional writers and design their games in a way that better suits the story mode of the game. More or less Ubisoft has already made a movie based on its popular game franchise Assassin’s Creed. From a joke to a pop culture reference, gaming and esports have really become a thing. People all over the world enjoy playing their favorite games of their favorite genres. Smartphones really. Changed the industry with making games cheaper and easy to play. Virtual reality is taking things to a whole new level. More or less we have been the species to find us our satisfaction through things, some find it through music, parties, picnic or some find it through playing games doing whatever they want to do in the Games.

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