Idea Behind Making The Camera

Today more than a billion photos are taken every day. People everywhere in the world document their, trips, functions, events and other social events with a device called a camera. But, most of the people don’t know about how this device was made the very first time and that, what was the idea behind making the camera. The technology that saves our memories with help light took more than two thousand years to look like how it looks like it does nowadays. People in the ancient world would be amazed to see what we have accomplished with the help of the camera and call it sorcery. Today millions of people rely on the camera to earn money. Be it professional photographers, filmmakers, vloggers, videographers or even the camera manufacturers.

The Application

It all started in the mind of a renowned Arabian scientist Ibn Al Haytham or Al Hazen as the western world knows him. The idea of the camera came to his mind after he investigated the phenomena about how the human eye sees? The sources before him suggested that some rays come out of our eyes and touch the surface of the object before returning back to our eyes. Al Hazen was not satisfied with this answer. One day when he was standing on the tower of a mosque he saw a star and blinked, the star was still there. Then he reasoned about how is it possible for the rays to touch the surface of the star and return back to his eye in a short amount of time as eye blinking.

Idea Behind Making The Camera!

Al Hazen told his superiors about his reasoning his superiors didn’t try to run away or fumbled him. They ordered explorers to hunt for books that could help them. As it was the golden age of Islam and science the hunters went as far as southern China and found the pieces of evidence supporting Al Hazen’s argument and brought them to Basra, Iraq. That’s where Al Hazen made the first pinhole camera. It took mankind nearly 600 years to develop the idea and make the camera as we know it today. However, to achieve the hard work a camera can do today took us time and some massive amount of money. In 1816 a French scientist Nicéphore Niépce invented the first camera that could store the image. The cameras before, even the pinhole camera or camera obscura. The idea behind making the camera as we know it today, well the one that stores images took some chemical knowledge to preserve images. The answer to the question who made the camera that could store movies and what was the idea behind making a camera is controversial the internet will tell you that it was Thomas Edison the man who made the light bulb. But their thousands of people in the world who claim that in the late 19th century Luis La Prince made the camera. That, Thomas Edison stole his ideas and made himself as the creator of the camera. The fact that Luis La Prince’s mysteriously lost and his son could not prove in court because he ran out of money, proves it’s worth it. What first started as a light show is now widely known as one of the most important inventions of man. The idea behind making a camera was how does the human eye works? Because that’s what a camera does. It sees what doesn’t notice.

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