Science Behind Department Stores

Every day many of us buy our grocery, crockery or other daily life items that we need from the department stores. But, has it ever happened to you that you went to a department store and buy some extra things? Things you didn’t want or were not written on your list. That is because department or retail store owners use human psychology to make you buy those things. How does that work? I am the man of my will! I will never buy something I don want but yet end up buying it. Or as Tyler Durden in the Fight Club said, “Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.” Describing the Science behind department stores in a nutshell.


If anything that has played with human psychology better than any that is those advertisers. The brands and retail owners hire high profile psychologists and give them the task to make their brands or things for an individual to buy, and they are pretty much successful in that regard. Take for example your phone, why are you hooked on using it? It is obviously because of its features although we don’t use them all the time for our basic needs of purposes. Advertising and added features are the science behind department stores.

The Managing Science Behind Department Stores

That is exactly how a department store works. You have everything under one roof arranged in a manner that helps you easily find the object you need. But you have to go through the things that you don’t want, making you think that you should take this, that and that! Department stores use many other psychological tricks to hack your mind to buy their things. They use fresh flowers or green leafy things on the entrance to make your stay and explore more. Things like these make an individual to stay at the store and wander around to buy more things. The comfort the luxury and cleanliness all play an important role in making a department store to make individuals buy things that they want. Meanwhile the science behind department stores takes a big turn with the introduction of amazon go. No one, not a single human being works in the store. AI efficient robots work to give the best shopping experience. They even change the slide of racks when a rack goes out of stock. These stores use censors with high potency and cameras with high definition to even design more advertising material to make you buy things using the science behind department stores.

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