Services Business and the Changing Economies

Let’s turn the clock to about 300 years back when people or countries used to earn through agriculture and arts and craft. Here’s a little stat the Indian sub-continent was the richest place in the world because economies back then used to rely on their agriculture. After the Indian sub-continent turned into a British colony, the British told the Indians that they are going to give them service of security and other things that Indians couldn’t do such as manufacturing household utensils and eatables, and in return, they used their land for their use and later they made the Indian sub-continent their colony.

The First Services Businesses

The oldest services business known to man is the service of doctors, or health care companions. Things changed through time and a huge evolution in the services business came when the industrial revolution went to its peak. The rise of industrialization gave rise to the services business. In the meantime, the economies of countries shifted towards entrepreneurship (which is the mother of services business) from agriculture. The demand for industrialization arose through time. Industrialization gave us T.V, Radio, Computers, and the internet, and every other innovation is made using the modification of these things except for those things that don’t require electricity.

Services Business and the Changing Economies through Internet

After the invention of the computer and common use of the internet, services business took a huge turn every service business went digital and could be availed through the internet. From doctors to other services such as digital marketing to online shopping, as soon as the internet and computer got common among normal people the services business changed the world. According to a survey people use the internet to solve their daily life and when things start to mix in our daily life we kind of start to rely on them. The current generation can’t imagine their lives without cell phones and the internet. Services business has enabled a lot of people to earn through the internet with the comfort of their home, the same is the example of online shopping. Technology has enabled us to do the things that might look like sorcery to indigenous people. With the digitization of common things, people have made technology to change their daily lives. With the advancement in the digital sector, the services business has really boosted the economies all over the world. The services business and the changing economic factors have enabled one to deal with business in distant contacting measures, obviously through the internet. Who knows what the future holds and where this might take us to prosper and be the most advanced beings of our species.

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