Teflon and Its Non-stick Behaviour

Have you ever wondered why nothing sticks to your frying pan? Or what makes the waterproof coating really waterproof? All of these things happen just because of a polymer called polytetrafluoro ethylene or PTFE that has two fluorine and one carbon atom as a backbone. The nonstick nature of this polymer lies in its nature of not reacting to any sort of compound. Its inability to form bonds with outside molecules has given Teflon and its non-stick behaviour.

How Does PTFE Stick To The Pan?

There a lot of industrial procedure to stick something (that doesn’t let anything stick to it) to the pan. Teflon and its non-stick behaviour is something that doesn’t allow industrialists to easily stick it on the pan. Although the procedure to stick PTFE on the pan is guarded in top-secret but, speculations can be made with basic chemical and physical knowledge. First, they make the surface of the pan rough by sandblasting or etching some chemicals on it and then they apply a chemical that acts like a glue of which fewer people know about. After the glue is applied they spray liquid PTFE which is then heated to up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Dangers Regarding Teflon And It’s Non-Stick Behaviour

Yes, it is safe to cook in PTFE coated pan. Teflon and it’s non-stick behaviour works until it is heated at moderate temperature. Which means you can fry eggs, fish or bacon since they don’t need high temperature, at least not higher than the temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. An empty pan heated up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature can release fumes that can make you sick. Many people think that eating food while scraping from PTFE coated pan is dangerous for health. Well, it’s not. Since PTFE does not react with other chemicals it doesn’t cause any harm inside your body. But the manufacturing of PTFE needs a chemical called perfluorooctanoic or PFOA which cause cancer or cancerous diseases. Which leads us towards the lawsuits the companies faced due to risking public health and exposing its employees to dangerous gasses.

The Lawsuits

Dupont and Chemmours lawsuits worth millions of dollars because they were accused of polluting the environment for almost a decade and exposing its employees and citizens to health risk. Perfluorooctanoic of PFOA is the chemical responsible for the manufacturing of the PFTE. PFOA causes skeletal issues, cardiovascular problems, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney cancer etcetera. Teflon and its non-stick behaviour have caused some serious health issues over time and companies faced a lot of lawsuits because of that. PTFE may have solved our problem or sticking the food in our pans but with its ease and convenience, it also brought health risk to us. Now a day more than 90% pans we use are non-stick and these non-stick pans have created a health issue that we never knew. Let’s hope for a better future that humanity doesn’t commit these sort of mistakes such as manufacturing a chemical without its side effects and or health risk. Top Deals Coupon is your one-stop shopping solution buy your desired kitchenware here

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