The Dark Side of Facial Recognition

Every day millions of people take billions of selfies and upload millions of them on the web on various different platforms. This is what happens when you upload a picture or share anything on any of these platforms. When one uploads anything on the web then that file is uploaded on the data center of that platform. Eventually these platforms have AI algorithms applied to these data centers. Have you ever logged in to your Facebook account and Facebook shows you your memory? That happens because AI has chosen that picture and it knows exactly when and where you uploaded that picture or status. Let’s jump deeper into the dark side of facial recognition.

The Dark Side Of Facial Recognition or Privacy Invasion

When you search with a picture on google it will show you a bunch of pictures with the same contexts, such as if one uploads a picture of a cat on google search image it will show similar cat breeds in the results. But, when facial recognition is introduced on google it will take away something that everyone has been insecure with the internet, our very own privacy! So what facial recognition does is that when you search with the image of a person it will give you names! Obviously the AI algorithm will have access to data that is worth hundreds of terabytes and it will learn faster than ordinary machines. Science fiction has been rubbing this on our noses. Take for example Minority Report where Tom Cruise’s character goes rogue and tries to hide from the police and where ever he goes those retinal scanners and facial recognition devices would detect his face and would even call his name. That is the perfect example of identity theft and the fact that social media companies sell our personal information such as our date of birth and our interests based on our posts to companies which push us to the invasion of identity theft

Why Do We Need Facial Recognition

With its dark side facial recognition has some merits as well. We upload pictures on the web if someone goes missing facial recognition can help us give its guesses as to how will the person look like clean shaved, or with a long beard and or bald conditions, you name plus it will be easier for the law enforcement agencies to track a criminal or a rogue citizen. Every now and then, technology has come and put our older problems to an end but they’ve also become a portal to new problems for us. It is up to us about how positively we use it. The same is the case with facial recognition, it is a helpful tool for law enforcement agencies but it also is taking away our privacies. It has become more than an identity thief or identity theft tool. With its merits and demerits one thing is for sure, whatever we do to put ease to our lives turn out to become a bad thing for us or as Oscar Wilde said “we create our own demons” what first is meant to be a help in our various sectors but our excessive use of it become the demon. What first was thought to be helping us to fight crime and other security aspects is now turned into a crime committing tool as well as making us insecure.                  

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