The Perks of Automotive

Automotive is an adjective term that relates to designing, manufacturing and producing motor vehicles. At least that’s what google will tell you. I will discuss how human beings have changed their interest from one motive of vehicles when we wanted our vehicles to be fast, and more capacitative, to more safe, smart and eco-friendly. Motor cars play an important role in our very lives. We solve our biggest problems with motor cars. The first man who conceived the idea of a motor vehicle solved the biggest problem of our civilization, transportation. This blog will discuss the perks of the automotive industry in a nutshell.

Need for Automotive

When mankind used big ships for traveling from one region on the sees, they looked for ways to travel on land. Obviously, they were and used to travel on the land with horse carts but creating an object that could help them travel easily was cars. The need for cars appeared bigger and broader when Henry Ford introduced his assembly-line cars. Obviously he used marketing to tell us the bigger and better perks of automotive or motor vehicles. Cars back in the early 20th century evolved into fast motor cars. But when the discovery of Clair Patterson, Carl Sagan and other environmentalists suggested that humans are carbonating the planet by burning fuels, obviously we burn a lot of fossil fuel for traveling in our motor vehicles, which is not the perks of automotive.

The Perks of Automotive Interest

Human interest in their cars being fast and capacitative increased when they found out about how much they are hurting the environment with their non-environment friendly vehicles. We started to dig for the secrets for new ways to fuel our cars. Be it gas, water or electricity. Right now giant automotive companies are spending billions of dollars to make efficient electric eco-friendly cars. Along with eco-friendly cars we are also looking forward to making our cars smart. The companies are also spending their money on equipping cars with AI to better park cars and take other safety measures in case of an accident. Now, these sort of changes in the application of cars is what makes us do even more interesting stuff with them. When we need our cars to start and take us to sone place we also want to make sure that our car takes us to our desired destination, with every safety measure that too with saving the environment. This baby step for even thinking about making cars that don’t hurt our precious environment is taking us towards the perks of automotive.

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