The World-Changing Phenomenon Of Globalization

Every year millions of people travel from one country to another, for various reasons, be it travel and tour, be it business bet it any other affair that an individual trip from his country to another country. How do they travel? They travel by planes and those planes are owned by airlines, and those airlines are registered in a country’s aviation department many of these airlines allow the foreigners to buy their tickets and foreign countries allow these airlines to operate in their countries. This procedure is part of the world-changing phenomenon of globalization.

Background Detail

Many anthropologists believe that the base of globalization lies in the ancient world, it is simply known as ‘the whole world being considered as a huge town’ where there is no restriction for anyone to shop online, buy their desired electronics from foreign countries. This all is possible because of the world-changing phenomenon of globalization.

Some Small Details

To understand this phenomenon better here is the condition for you, the electric motor was invented in Britain. Now, an electric motor is a device that makes every operation possible. What phenomenon made it possible for the electric motor that was invented in Britain by a British scientist ‘globalization’ entrepreneurship has been a key player for all the western countries to boost their economies. For instance 60% of America’s economy in earned trough the silicon valley. Silicon valley’s basic ingredient is entrepreneurship. Those companies associated with Silicon Valley need their products to be used by users. I would add two things to support my point. These products are helpful and they need people's users’ to use their products. What they do is that they let the foreign countries use their products to take globalization to a whole new level. The digitization of things allowed people all over the world to become part of this digital world. The digital world is what makes globalization more powerful but, it has some drawbacks, remember my example of airlines, if the whole system didn’t work as it works it could stop the most devastating event of the September 11 attack in New York. Which takes us towards the dark side of the world-changing phenomenon of globalization.

The Dark Side of The World-Changing Phenomenon of Globalization

The Dark Side of the world-changing phenomenon of globalization can be identified through a lot of ways. Let’s put it this way. The use of the internet is available all over the world but there is three surface of the web that is commonly known by computer engineers or data scientists those surfaces are, surface web, the dark web, and deep web. The surface web is the common layer of the internet, the dark web is a little safer side of the web where you can hide your identity and deep web just more advanced form of the dark web. But the anonymity of surfing the web can create a lot of these messy things such as human trafficking, drug dealing, bounty hunters, hitmen and many negative things that a normal human being can imagine. Dark or bright globalization has enabled humankind to do both good things and bad things. Both way humans have to pick a side and nothing can be filtered. That part is un-imaginable. The world-changing phenomenon of globalization has both the good and bad things you can pick the bright side of that by shopping online from Top Deals Coupons here.

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