Why pink color represents girls?

We often ask this question, why pink color represents girls? Obviously, the first thing that comes to our mind after thinking about the female gender is the color pink. So, how did it happen? According to a survey in the mid-1920s departmental stores gave very mixed answers some would say blue, yellow or green because of all these colors are delicate and look good to eyes things got real twists and turns during the war, when women didn’t follow the fashion and stayed simple and easy. Pink got its association with the female gender after the second world war here is how.

After World War II

As mentioned above women all over the world used simple clothing styles during the war as it wasn’t really the time for fashion and colors. The pink color got its symbolic standard as do today, that we can’t think a woman with the color pink when general Dwight Eisenhower became 34th US president in 1953, his wife Mamie Eisenhower wore the pink gown to his presidential ceremony and her dress was liked by women all over the world! Because they hadn’t seen such colorful clothes during the depressing time of war. That day became a very important day in the history of pink. Now, Mamie Eisenhower had an obsession with the color pink. She mentioned in a lot of interviews that make her feel better, it takes the best out of her etcetera. Also, she had blue eyes which are a wonderful contrast and that also represented her personality for her. Not only women but everyone needs some color to represent them, Mamie Choose pink.

Why Pink Color Represents Girls

In literature, writers chose different colors to try and make the theme of their story, red color represents danger, blue, black and grey color represents darkness green, orange, and yellow means warmness or softness. The human mind does these things and works better this way when a normal ordinary human brain thinks of pink color, apart from women or girls soft, silky and light things come to our thoughts. Most of the men think the same way about women, be it their mothers, sisters, wives or daughters. The human brain does this psychological stuff whenever we think about a certain color. Because it is easy for our brains to memorize things under one big board. Such as my friends, speaking, and chatting straight away makes me think about my mobile. The same goes for the color pink. Top deals coupons are your one-stop-shopping solution, buy your favorite apparel and clothing on the matter of simple clicks.

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